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A fellowship programme for students of business, technology and design.

Don't just delegate the responsibility of your future to the education system. Create your own opportunities. Create yourself.

Enterprise is the perfect launchpad for you, if you want to...


Beat the competition

It's a mad rush for everything out there. Even trees compete for sunlight. Create your recipe of success with skills, experience, testimonials and achievements in your resume. Be unstoppable.


Get into college or a company

Hope is a poor strategy. Work methodically with your mentors to build your portfolio. Zoom your cross-hairs sharply and work systematically to hit bulls-eye. Failure is not an option.


Learn to do business

No one ever learnt business by reading textbooks. Get out there and meet potential clients, face rejections, raise funds, negotiate contracts, invent solutions, and manage money. Ready?

What you get at the Enterprise

Skill Badges

Complete real challenges and projects, and acquire industry recognised skill badges.

Your gang of achievers

Join a team of ambitious go-getters for a year of camps, projects, challenges and quests.

Career Blueprint

Work with your personal career coach to chart a career pathway for your growth and happiness.

Chill With Champions

Every week we invite mentors from across the industry to connect and collaborate with Enterprisers.

Funkiest Office in Town

A modern, funky & collaborative space with the latest tools, software and even a coffee machine!

Digital portfolio

Craft a story of what you can do, have done and aim to do. Thats your lifelong digital portfolio.

A journey of self discovery

Take the entire year to systematically discover areas of work you are willing to committ yourself to.

7 future-ready skills

Develop 7 practical skills that will give you a competitive edge in any career pathway you choose.

21st Century Skills

Critical thinking, innovation, communication, and collaboration is what leaders need to develop.

Earn as you learn

Find your first professional projects and deliver world class work with the support of your enterprise mentors.

Career Support

Your career is our career. Enterprise mentors work with you to crack the college, company or course that you have set your cross-hairs on.

Programme Overview

Across all phases:

Monday planning meetings Friday Lighthouse meet-ups Skills challenge tracks Communication hangouts One to one coaching Maker hackathons Portfolio building










3 months

6 - 12 hours weekly


6 to 9 months

6 - 12 hours weekly



3 to 6 hours weekly



1 hour weekly online

(after the fellowship)

Problem identification, Prototyping, Validation, Project Planning

Leveraging, Marketing, Optimising, Execution

Portfolio, Application, Interviewing, Career curation

Work, Learn, Improve, Innovate

"...creativity, innovation, imagination, and design skills will be prioritised by employers."

From the report called "Workforce of the Future" by Price Waterhouse Coopers here.

"...every student of business should start real companies, run actual funds with real capital... during their education."

From the HBR interview with the Dean of University of Michigan's Ross school of business here.

"...we must empower humans to do jobs only humans can do."

From the Time magazine's article on "How college students must prepare for our automated future"

Rethinking Higher Education in India

Read the full whitepaper report here