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Dive in with us, Enterprise 2018-19

Events Timeline

Catapult Fest

7th Oct 2018

Catapult was our partners’ first crack at a real-world project. They were divided into 2 teams and given 1 week to create giant catapults and mini catapults. The teams had to collaborate to research, brainstorm and prototype in 2 days! The fest attracted 200 people and gave our partners their first taste of the power of DOing!

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Baccha Party

18th Nov 2018

Our partners were inspired by The Enterprise environment of learning by DOing. Baccha Party was born out of a need for children to have a place to play, learn and create all at once! The partners used The Enterprise platform to engage children in activities and keep the spirit of innocent play alive.

Shark tank

20th Dec 2018

Pitching is not just an entrepreneurial skill, it’s a crucial life skill! Partners learnt how to creatively pitch their business ideas to industry leaders using Enterprise’s P.A.I.S.A pitch model in the Shark Tank. Some stuttering, some stumbling and a lot of foot in mouth later, partners began to understand the art of successful pitching.

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Karo 1.0

3rd Feb 2019

The power of action is in all of us. The partners wanted to create a platform to unleash this power. #Karo 1.0 was a prototype to launch a mega-event where people can engage in creative workshops all day long and experience the power of DOing.

Karo 2.0

30th Jun 2019

Have you ever wondered about how to spend Sunday with your family and not involve screens in the process?

Karo was envisioned by the Enterprise team as a space for starting to DO things. We want to inspire India to become a country of DOers. The result of this vision was 33+ workshop facilitators and 1000+ DOers who experienced the power of #Karo with us.

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27th Jul 2019

The partners ‘graduated’ at a networking ceremony graced by Pune’s entrepreneurial community. In attendance were 150+ business owners, corporate executives and investors. In the true sense of the word, our partners ‘regenerated’ themselves by exchanging business cards and grabbing business, work and freelance opportunities.

Story Harvesting

9th Oct 2019

Reflection and introspection are key elements of the personality development offered at The Enterprise. The partners marked the beginning of the next chapter of their lives by reflecting on their growth in the past 12 months. Collective Story Harvesting involves using small interactions, fleeting conversations and diverse perspectives to find insight in the big picture.

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What are partners saying

When you’re running a marathon, there is a difference between when you are running alone and when you are running in a group- when you are alone you’re tired and you give up because at times your own motivation isn’t enough but here you have people to motivate you, to push you and you just need that one push that takes you forward- and that’s what you get here at Enterprise
Hussain Mala

Key Skills Mastered

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