#Karo – connecting the classroom to the real world

It’s not an event, it’s a movement.

My primary takeaway through this journey at Enterprise has been a feeling. The feeling I get after starting something new, after planning something huge- basically, the feeling I get after DOING something. Human beings, I figured, are not inherently lazy and we are constantly looking to do something. We want to try something new, to learn and constantly keep doing! What I have also realized is that there have been some times when I have gone on for months without experiencing this feeling.

I remember when I was first introduced to the concept of #Karo. I remember not quite getting it, but also remember feeling passion in the air. I also remember diving in, working sixteen-hour days, crumbling under pressure on multiple occasions, getting overwhelmed and demotivated.

Particularly, I remember the feeling I got when I made a mistake and genuinely felt like it was the end of the world. I had fought, persuaded and really convinced the Karo team to have a Finance and Investing workshop at the fest. I found a Bombay based company, negotiated and sold the idea to them. Everything was set, except the night before I got a message that they could only take the workshop for half the day. I remember feeling like I let 20 people down in one go. I felt like running away.

The next day, as we went through the beats of the entire day- I realized what we had created was so much bigger than that. What I also realized is that #Karo is nothing without our mistakes. #Karo was not just 3rd February, 2019 it was the process. The process of going out there, working hard to get the workshop in, constantly worrying and stressing about it, partially failing at it and eventually just letting it be.

This cycle was not mine alone, it was a pattern every single partner experienced. This “#Karo Cycle” was what gave us the ultimate feeling of pride in the end.

Actually looking back I do not even know how I did it, how I pushed through. We had a phase where we were eating, sleeping and dreaming #Karo.

The primary aim of creating #Karo was to break through this consumption culture and spark a movement of creating, starting, learning and growing. #Karo, for me, is a celebration of Doers. It is a culmination of harmonized energy, enthusiasm and spirit.

3rd February, 2019 has permanently etched itself in my mind and holds a ridiculously special place in my heart. That energy, that vibe, the passion- I have never seen anything like it. It hit me, that I was in the company of people who had so much fire in them that I somehow had access to a bottomless pool of energy to draw from.

I also can never forget the audience. Our “Doers”, some of who attended workshop after workshop for 10 hours straight!  I felt a common thread of emotions run through everybody at #Karo- a strange combination of pride, gratification, excitement and satisfaction.

#Karo taught us more than anything ever has. It taught us how to deal with people, pressure and problems. It taught us that to be a part of a team, we have to incorporate principles of discipline, courage and humility in us. We learnt, we studied and we grew.

The idea of it coming back intimidated us, stressed us out but most of all excited us.

We craved that feeling again. We craved making other people feel that feeling again. With 13 days to go, and pressure CONSTANTLY rising, hours getting longer and hundred other things going wrong- #Karo is back.

This time bigger and better! Being a part of #Karo 2.0 means being part of something larger than all of us. It means working nights and getting worried. It means constantly questioning and somehow at the same time, being answerable to 22 people.

#Karo now is lined up to have 35 workshops from coffee painting to resin art to ripping your jeans yourself. The team is also creating a Kidzone that is inspired by toy inventor and Padmashree Award winner Arvind Gupta, where we seek to create an environment of curiosity among children.

Being a part of this team has probably been the most difficult thing I have done. There have been times I have felt ridiculously tired, afraid, stressed and overwhelmed. The truth is that everyday we feel a mirage of emotions, but one of them is always this feeling of pride that keeps us going..

That feeling, I can’t wait for 700 families to come and feel that. I can’t wait for the fire in their eyes to get brighter, their smiles to get wider and the energy in the air to connect us all.

#Karo is happening on the 30th of June, 2019 at Poona Club. You can buy tickets here: https://www.instamojo.com/karoevent/ You can also hear more from us on Instagram at : karofest_19

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