Newsletter II: Leadership Conclave, Shark Tank and Sales Masterclass

 “When our parents feel pride, the sun shines down on us, the birds chirp and sing, the air feels crisp and fresh. There is a sense of pride and lightness in our gait.

But what we often don’t see is how difficult and painful it is for parents to let go of us, and allow us to grow and experiment and discover ourselves. To watch us make mistakes and learn, to watch us struggle, is so difficult. It is as though they have to tear away a part of their own bodies, and allow us to find our path.Without this courage of theirs, we cannot grow into who we are truly meant to be.

Thank you dear parents, for your trust, for your endless sacrifice and most important for your blessings and love.”

– Aditya Jhunjhunwala, co-founder Enterprise Fellowship Programme                          
Watch parents proudly speak about children


The Enterprise Fellowship Programme commenced on 24th September. Within the span of three months, the 18 fellows, or Partners, as they are rightfully referred to as, have totally broken their comfort zones. Coming from diverse fields of studies, they have learnt to come together as a team, being leaders and students all at once. They are building a story for themselves which any other 20 years old could only dream of. And they are doing everything with so much confidence in themselves and their team, that the change in them is evident to their parents and friends alike. We, at Enterprise, are so proud of our first batch for setting the stage and the culture of the fellowship with their dedication to their future careers. They embody the concept of #करो – Let’s do something!

Watch the partners share their journey



Enterprise founders and partners co organised and hosted the SME Founders’ Conclave with Mahratta Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture which was attended by eminent speakers like Mr. R Gopalkrishnan, Mr. Sanjay Kirloskar and several others. 
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The fellows delivered a pitch for approval of their project to Industry leaders and experts like Mr. Prashant Girbhane, Mrs. Palak Krishnamurthy, Mr. Hitendra Singh and Mrs. Aarti Jhunjhunwala.
The project idea was germinated a few weeks before the pitch took place and the partners spent a lot of their time focusing on the purpose of this project.
Watch the trailer of Shark Tank here





Everyone needs to sell. A teacher, a trainer, an engineer and even a doctor; everyone needs to sell. 
Aditya Jhunjhunwala took the Sales Masterclass for the partners crashing many presumptions about Selling down. 
Take a glimpse of Sales Masterclass here





Games not only help us relax but only help us bond with each other, get to see each others’ different strengths and create some fun memories.|
At Enterprise, we believe Work is Fun. 
Watch the highlights of Game Night here






Every month the partners write a blog and get it published sharing their story, their learnings and some special encounters. 
The partners at Enterprise have a very happening life filled with unusual interactions with mentors and industry experts. 
Find our blogs here



Enterprise Partners get to hangout with mentors from varied industries and take their expert opinion on personal projects and products.
Palak Krishnamurthy
, co-founder of Enterprise shared her journey of building her company from 5 people to over 800 people in just 15 years.
Hitendra Singh, Counsellor at Pune International Center shared about about his experience working in different industries and in different countries as well as how he manages his -personal life.
Malhar Ganla, a Fitness Expert shared about how his passion for fitness translated into a successful career.
Nipun Girotra, CEO of 1factory shared about how he spent his time on User Research and CRM while creating a million dollar company in the Silicon Valley.





The next batch of Enterprise Fellowship is starting on 19th Feb 2019. 
Apply here!

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