How I Made Hustling a Lifestyle

At the beginning of the pandemic, I found myself admitted to the hospital for a few weeks. All my work and projects came to a screeching halt as I lay in bed, idle. I spent 16 hours a day resting and yet somehow, I felt more and more tired. As the days went on, I realized that the reason for my fatigue was the loss of a habit I had built over several years – a habit of hustling. 

When you make a routine into a habit and suddenly you stop doing it, it leads to a special kind of exhaustion. All that rest and Netflix just ended up draining me; I was so tired! At first, I could not figure out the root cause of my perpetual tired-ness – not doing any work should mean having a lot of energy, right? It made no sense at all.

After doing some digging and introspection, I realized that my habit of hustling had become a lifestyle somewhere down the road. My health issues had forced me to stop this lifestyle which used to give me immense satisfaction and keep me energized. Hustling gave me the energy to work with more excitement, enthusiasm, and passion!

Lack of hustle led to lack of satisfaction which was making me feel exhausted.

I decided to make little changes in my schedule to get back into the hustle-zone. I reduced my Netflix time and increased my work time to dive back into Enterprise Projects. I looked for internships and started working to increase my skills. With gradual pushes of time and effort, my intention grew bigger. Now, it’s been more than three months since I started re-gaining momentum and I’m loving the hustle once again. I am building interesting connections with similar intentioned global citizens like Professor Dave at the University of Iowa and Marc from Switzerland. I’m even getting cool job opportunities to work with MNC’s. 

When I think back to where my desire to hustle came from, my mind lands on a childhood incident. One morning, as I was getting ready to go to school, I saw my dad cleaning my bicycle and oiling its chain. I said, “Papa, I can do this at Ravi uncle’s shop.” He responded with a simple statement that has since then become my life motto:

“Beta, we have cloth and oil at home. Why depend on others to do things that you can do yourself?”

My father went on to explain that a true hustler uses available resources to learn and do things themselves. On my way to school that day,  I thought about this lesson. It lingered in the back of my mind for many weeks until it became embedded in my mindset. I realized that people who hustle are skillful and that helps them achieve success…

In 10th grade, I started my own journey of trying to utilize my resources effectively: I began using the internet as a powerful resource to learn to code and start making websites.

I slowly started to get better at this skill and I landed an internship as a Junior web developer at a Film Production House beside my school. Juggling the internship and school together was challenging at first but I learned to manage it by making an effort to wake up early in the morning or to stay awake late at night. During this period, I learned many skills, and more importantly, I took a baby step towards my goal of financial independence.

When the cycle incident with my father occurred, there was no way I could have known its impact on my life. The habit my parents taught me through this incident has helped me develop a solid work ethic. It has helped me to build, explore, and experiment with new skills that are contributing to creating my future. For me, hustling brings out unlimited energy and passion!

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