Do you love bikes?

Really, I was not a bike lover. Actually, I used to love the time I spent in solitude. Sometimes I used a car, scooter or even cycle, the type of vehicle did not matter. But after some years I realised that I go biking not only to spend my ‘ME TIME“ but actually I loved biking. You never know how things change randomly. Now whenever I feel like giving up, I ride. I think it’s inner me who encourages me not to give up. I enjoy solo riding, it makes me feel alive, happy and content. It heals me, gives answers to my questions. You can say it’s kind of introspection, The time when you are in THE NOW not PAST or FUTURE but PRESENT. Biking takes me THERE.

There are many stories that you are gonna read in my blog but because of this one story I could write the following stories, I am going to take you on this ride of how I got my bike. So, GEARUP!

My roommate decided to purchase a bike and he asked me to accompany him to make the payments of his bike. When I entered the showroom I saw a big poster of a bike ROYAL ENFIELD GT. I asked the salesperson standing over there while my friend was completing his billing process, how much this bike costs? He replied politely,” Sorry sir but the production of this bike has stopped, but its new version is about to launch, you can google its GT650”.


I did lots of research and compared. Then I finally came to the conclusion of purchasing the ROYAL ENFIELD GT 650. So I decided to have a talk with my dad. I spoke to my dad and tried my level best to tell him about the bike and to convince him, but as I expected he said NO, but a few minutes later he asked me when can we get the bike Today? Or tomorrow? At first, it shook me but then I was so happy that I got tears in my eyes. The very next day I booked the bike.

And then the journey with my bike began. There are loads of things that I learnt during this journey and expect to keep learning from them. Some of the lessons I have penned down, that will help you somewhere in your life.



Biking is just not to reach the destination. You should always take a break to release the fatigue. To refill the tank with fuel, in other terms I can say to regain your and the bike’s energy.

Same goes for life, whenever you feel stressed just take a break to calm down and then take the decision. I also make sure to take a break between solid work, so that I can regain my energy and my pace.

After joining the ENTERPRISE I have always been busy with something or the other. In the beginning, it was quite difficult for me to manage my college and enterprise. I almost messed up everything, my studies, enterprise and I also could not get enough time for myself. It was tiring and I didn’t want to end up like a working robot. I enjoyed working at the enterprise but there was something missing the” me time”. I talked to a friend about this and she told me ” why don’t you take a break and go for a ride”. That was the moment I got it. I needed a break to calm down my bumbled mind and keep it on track so that I can enjoy my work to the fullest.



Obstacles are everywhere and so on the road. We slow down our speed by applying brakes when there is a speed breaker and then regain the speed after crossing it.

In life whenever we are in situations we should not take a U-turn and runaways from it. Face it and make it even if you have to slow down because ultimately by tackling your obstacle you get stronger and more experienced.

There was this one trip to Lonavala when my bike was not starting midway after multiple attempts. I thought there was an ECU problem so I called the service centre. We were asked to wait as the service centre staff could not come for servicing at that moment. I was dejected, I had the option of taking the U-turn and going back home. But then I reminded myself why I woke up that morning and why did I start that ride. That was the time I realised that slowing down doesn’t mean stopping and in fact sometimes it avoids accidents too. The mechanic came after an hour and fixed my bike then I continued my ride. It was nothing but my determination which helped me to complete that ride. So some hindrances are necessary, to learn in this adventurous ride of LIFE.



Biking is not only about acceleration and braking. It’s more about taking actions after processing all the information that I get while riding. When you ride you have to keep an eye on various things like your rearview mirror, potholes, turns, speed breakers etc. You need to act accordingly, you cannot make rash decisions and this process is continuous and what I call is integrating and managing.

This is what I apply in my life. While taking a decision, I always listen to everyone’s opinion and then integrate them in such a way that the solution is more effective and efficient.

Currently, I am leading the team FeverOfTreasure with one of my mate. Being a good listener has helped me in handling the problems that were received during discussion or brainstorming. After lots of discussion, I integrated ideas which have helped our team to achieve our target.



Whenever I go out of town, my bike remains off. And this drains my bike’s battery which makes it hard to restart it. But you can overcome it by starting it and keeping it ON for 10 mins twice a week, which makes it easier to get the bike started.

Similarly, if you are doing something make sure you don’t take a break for too long. If you don’t feel like doing it continuously make sure you take breaks once in a while but not for too long which is gonna make it hard to restart from where you left. And this insight hit me so hard. So I always take breaks not to stop it rather speed up my pace.

I had always been a procrastinator, procrastinating my work and this habit of mine led me into a problematic situation when I and my team had a project in my third year of engineering, which we kept delaying and didn’t do any work until the end. You know there is always something in everyone that forces us to get up and complete the milestones of the day, You can say it’s your IKIGAI. It was my IKIGAI that drove me to take responsibility and lead the team. The delegation of work helped us all to complete the project. You can say it’s never late but sometimes it’s better to resume than to wait until the time where you can’t restart.


I saw the movie Ford Vs Ferrari, and this dialogue perfectly defines what I feel when I RIDE.

“There’s a point at 7,000 RPM where everything fades. The machine becomes weightless. It just disappears. All that’s left, a body moving through space and time. 7,000 RPM, that’s where you meet it. You feel it coming. It creeps up near you, and it asks you a question. The only question that really matters. Who are you?”

~ Carroll Shelby


There are times when we reach our destination, we lose the appetite to learn, to step up, somewhere we stop but when we are in the path we aspire to learn more and more just to get to our destination and this hunger of learning and desire to reach our destination helps us to grow and develop ourself. As I believe




  • Jay+Shah
    Posted at 19:56h, 23 May Reply

    Lovely!It was just a treat to read this wonderful blog!
    Keep going.Things coming from the heart are always special and help other people connect with it as well

  • Aditya Jhunjhunwala
    Posted at 12:41h, 24 May Reply

    “I realised that slowing down doesn’t mean stopping”
    Love this line Rohan. Reading this piece reminds me of the book “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance”!
    Love the way you have helped us understand the place biking has in your life. All of us should have something in our lives that gives us all that biking gives you. Well expressed and straight from the heart!

  • Nidhi Kutryar
    Posted at 20:47h, 24 May Reply

    No doubt about life being an adventrous ride but you wrote beautifully how you turned all the problems in a life lesson. This blog made me love biking even more. learnt something new and beautiful. Thanks

  • Shivam Mistry
    Posted at 23:48h, 24 May Reply

    Master line – “We aspire to learn more during the journey” this is something which hit me the most.
    Your way of dealing with problems or processing thoughts via riding is impressive and remarkable.
    Thankyou for sharing this.

  • Baba Nashedi
    Posted at 11:41h, 26 May Reply

    As Smart as Rohan

  • Aditya khode
    Posted at 13:58h, 26 May Reply

    It’s not just about reaching destination . It is something in the air we breathe in while travelling on favourite bikes. That feel is most valuable which makes you forget about all worries . It was a nice detailed blog which talks everything. I also have a dream about a journey from kashmir to kanyakumari on bike.
    Your blog keeps motivated for a living dream . Hope you make more blogs like that.

  • Rohini
    Posted at 12:49h, 10 July Reply

    You have build such a nice connection between travelling experiences and life journey. Awesome!!!

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