Jagruti Jethwani

COEP final yr student opens up a 'parallel universe' of opportunities through sheer grit and hard work to expand her mind and potential; builds a reputation as someone who can be counted on for leadership and powerful execution

Jagruti Jethwani is a 21-year-old Indian who is a gritty, performance-driven learner, willing to work hard to expand her mind and potential.

Jagruti was inspired by her elder cousins who were engaged in different things along with college, and encouraged Jagruti to explore extracurriculars and other opportunities beyond classes as much as she could.

When she was 18, and started pursuing her education at the College of Engineering, Pune (COEP), Jagruti started with an intention to make the most of her college years, and took on several opportunities that challenged her to enhance her growth.

The extracurriculars she took on in college, included multiple roles and responsibilities in the domain of entrepreneurship and innovation- she helped set up the Institute Innovation Cell COEP with advisors & faculty, and also became the Secretary of COEP’s Entrepreneurship Cell through which her team and her worked hard to organize the Pune StartUp Fest, that supported 250+ startups in two years, by creating a space to for startups to connect with investors and students to explore synergies like investments, internships and so on. These leadership experiences helped her understand how to work with people with different work ethics, with contradicting visions and even with those who have no will to work.

Jagruti also joined AIESEC’s Global Entrepreneur Program and travelled to Egypt for a 45 day internship with a startup, that brought opportunities to practice independence and build connections with other young people from over 15 different countries.

In spite of all these impactful experiences and roles she was playing, Jagruti felt her growth being restricted. So she decided to join the Enterprise India Fellowship to get her hands dirtier, try more focused concepts and better understand her purpose in life, and through all of these sow seeds for clarity about what she would like her career to be. Before joining, she had shared, “I have maxed out all the chances to learn new things and get my hands dirty in college.”

One year later, she shared, “I think it was an exhilarating experience. I think the words identification and utilization of potential is what I came here looking for. Not only did I get this but also, a community to learn and grow together. I have seen change in not only me but also, my peers. It has been one amazing and productive year.”

Jagruti made good on her pledge since joining the Fellowship by engaging with and executing multiple projects, applying different concepts she learned and being a reliable team member. She got her hands dirtier by working on more than eight projects including in-house Enterprise projects like #करो & the REGEN and also on a project with a company called Dharohar.

Dharohar facilitates learning based volunteering programs for corporate employees. Over a span of three months, Jagruti along with Rohan Sarode and Nehalika Jethwani (two other Enterprise Partners, aka students in the Fellowship), worked closely and intensely (on a day to day basis) with Dharohar’s leadership team to do user research and build a content strategy for their social media. Jagruti built relationships with everyone in the joint team (Dharohar’s Team & Enterprise Partners) and played an important role in bringing day to day accountability and momentum.

“Jagruti brought great energy to the team, jumping in to new things and always willing to try. She asked great questions and took time to understand things that didn’t make sense straight away. She created real warmth within the team through her caring approach,” shared Shivani Singhal, Head of Dharohar.

“I believe each experience comes to us with a purpose, sometimes much higher than our understanding, and therefore, I am not afraid of challenges,” shared Jagruti.

Along with excelling and performing with grit in pre-established and scoped projects, Jagruti was also a reliable, resourceful, creative and valuable team member in emergent projects that had to be created from ground up. One such example was REGEN.

“I love how easy and effortless it is to be on a team with Jagruti. REGEN was a very short and high pressure project and I always felt like she had my back. Working in a team where everyone is leading has a different feel to it because you can get much bigger and better things done once you know that ‘showing up’ and ‘owning it’ is a given,” shared Enterprise Projects Coordinator, Lubaina Cementwala who was also one of the co-creators of REGEN.

In less than 2 weeks, Jagruti and the team co-created REGEN, a summit for Enterprise Fellows to present the incubated projects to the community and have 1:1 conversations with Thinking Partners from around the world about taking their projects forward. Since it was a creative, high pressure, time sensitive process, Jagruti played multiple roles like co-designing and co-hosting the event, creating collaterals for outreach, recruiting Thinking Partners from around the world and so on.

Jagruti served as the point person (recruited, onboarded & supported) for the Thinking Partner cohort that included the likes of Luong Nyugen (Head of Solutions Mapping, UNDP Vietnam), Aniruddha Bhagwat (CEO, Ideosphere), Ina Bogdanova, (Impact Measurement Lead at Ashoka Globalizer), and Nidhi Jain (Director, Pride Group).

“Jagruti is a powerhouse of activity and a leader in the making. The sheer grittiness of being there no matter what and making efforts day in day out makes sure that she produces the results she desires!” shared Yusuf Hakim, Co-Founder of the Enterprise India Fellowship.

Through being a reliable team member who took initiative and rocked the execution of different projects by getting her hands dirty as intended, and enhancing other team members as well, Jagruti has built a reputation of being someone who can be counted on for her leadership, let’s-make-it-work attitude and powerful execution. “The attitude that she works with is infectious and inspires others in the team to keep giving it everything,” added Yusuf.

“I think the fellowship challenged me, pushed me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to work on my pre-existing skills and develop some more and most of all, facilitate learning in the best possible way,” shared Jagruti.

Jagruti Jethwani

Hometown: Pune, Maharashtra

Interests/Cares About: Business, Education and Addressing Poverty

Fellowship Span: Apr 2020- Apr 2021

Fellowship Activities Sneak Peak:

-Worked on 8+ projects including Enterprise projects like #karo & REGEN, and a project with client- Dharohar to help them build a social media content strategy through user research

-Co-created REGEN, a Summit for Enterprise Fellows to present the incubated projects to the community and have 1:1 conversations with Thinking Partners from around the world about taking their projects forward

-Created 8 blogs and a podcast by leveraging the monthly reflection-based content creation process (Conflexion) at the Fellowship where Partners actively learn to reflect on their learnings and feelings and harvest them into blogs, videos and/or podcasts

Plan after Graduation:– Working with the Enterprise team and supporting program management of different fellowship components and with digital marketing tools like SEO and Google Adwords

"Jagruti is a powerhouse of activity and a leader in the making. The sheer grittiness of being there no matter what and making efforts day in day out makes sure that she produces the results she desires!”

Yusuf Hakim

Co-Founder of the Enterprise India Fellowship

As Jagruti graduates from the Fellowship and explores her next steps, she has taken on the responsibility to co-lead the biggest fest in the Enterprise community- #करो hands-on workshops for the community to celebrate the spirit of doership by doing something and learning something new.

“I care deeply about how the youth can contribute to a better India, and try to consciously make efforts to play my small role in the same,” shared Jagruti. This statement sums up what makes Jagruti tick. In fact she recently galvanized other young people to volunteer with grassroots support to help covid patients find the support they need, in response to the covid crisis induced chaos.

“Young people like Jagruti are leading and paving the way for India as it steps into a period of intense growth, technology disruption, and community building. Our prayers and support remain with her in each and every exciting project she continues to bring her unique touch to,” shared Aditya Jhunjhunwala, Co-Founder of the Enterprise India Fellowship.

Interviewer & Author: Akash Bhalerao
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