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At the Enterprise India Fellowship, we don’t believe in graduations. Graduation usually marks the end of one’s time at university. After that one often has no or little further connection with one’s alma-mater. Instead, we have the ‘Terminus’. Imagine being on a railway terminus – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai or Waterloo station in London Once you become a fellow….

Hi there! I’ve been thinking lately about this idea called ‘transformation’. We all know about how the caterpillar transforms and becomes a butterfly. There is simply no resemblance between a caterpillar and a butterfly. That is what transformation is all about. Water transforms into ice, and there is little or no resemblance between water and When you are down and out…

Everything that is ever created by a human being is created at least twice. Before anything takes physical form, it must be first created inside the mind of its creator. It must have been seen and imagined to great detail in the form of a ‘vision’ within the neural circuitry of the person who thought How millennials are turning into visionaries!

The youth of today, are fortunate to have thousands of opportunities in their lives. But, with more options comes more confusion. It takes a wise and positive force, like a mentor, to take the right decisions. Aditya Jhunjhunwala has been that mentor to hundreds of students in Pune for the past six years. He has The Impact of a Mentor – Parent testimonials

I was 22, when my father asked me if I wanted to join his business. He had an opportunity to expand his operations, and he said he would do so if I was interested to join up. We are a Marwari business family and my father had started from scratch. He had worked hard, taken 5 reasons why I did not join my father in the family business

Stop Spoon Feeding

[dropcaps type=’square’ font_size=’80’ color=’#4a4a4a’ background_color=’#ffffff’ border_color=”]W[/dropcaps]hy do we resist learning? Why do some people learn faster than others? A large part of the answer lies in the learning environment they have access to. Human beings are not wired to learn for the sake of learning. Human beings are wired to solve. That is why they Stop spoon feeding!

Enterprise India's First Undergrad Fellowship

Many people have been asking us, “What is the Enterprise Fellowship?” A simple answer to that is that it’s a year-long, project-based, learning experience for undergrad students in Pune. It is for those who dream of being ‘self-made’ and want to expose themselves to the future of business using technology, design and collaboration. Our team ‘Enterprise’ – India’s first fellowship for undergrad students

Whether you dream of your own business, or of climbing the corporate ladder, or of creating social change, you need to get off your butt and do something about it. If you are a student and you want to work on a project along with a dynamic team of youngsters and experienced professionals, then do Move beyond the competition- benefits of a fellowship

Will my career make me happy

[dropcaps type=’square’ font_size=’80’ color=’#4a4a4a’ background_color=’#ffffff’ border_color=”]I[/dropcaps]am not happy There have been several periods in my life when I felt I was not happy. Recently, I sat down and made a list. And then I attempted to run a multivariate analysis to determine what were the causes of my unhappiness. Haha, there’s the business school graduate Will I be happy in my career?

am a restless soul. To put it another way, I am an active person. I need to keep doing something. Hmmm, ok, I admit, I get distracted easily! It’s genetic, I believe. I remember my mother telling me, “I wish I could sit in one place for hours and work.” Sitting in one place and Want to get good at something? Do you have ‘Sitzfleisch’?

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