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Just like two or more streams of a river come together to form a conflux, a variety of thought streams that run through our minds come together, to form one unified piece of clarified thinking. We call this Conflexion! It’s a combination of Contemplation and Reflection.

With Conflexion, learn how to contemplate, reflect and articulate your thoughts and experiences, and watch them turn into blogs, podcasts, artworks and more, adding to your incredible Body of Work. Conflexion can help you develop a habit of reflecting and journaling, which in turn can help you process emotions better and make decisions faster.

Think deeper

Learn better

Write clearer

Here’s how Conflexions can help you

Enhanced self-awareness over time

Gives you clarity

Builds reflection as a life skill

Helps you in decision making

Develops your EQ

Helps you pause and process life events

Enhanced self-awareness over time

Gives you clarity

Builds reflection as a life skill

Helps you in decision making

Develops your EQ

Helps you pause and process life events

How do we do it?

Here’s how!

Step-by-step mentored guidance

Peer review

Dedicated time & space

Guest sessions

How does this help you?

Here’s how!

Self Reflect

  • Learn the concepts of reflecting and contemplating on your life’s experiences
  • Create a habit of ‘reflection’ ‘
  • Use this reflection to self-learn life lessons


  • Use these reflections to learn to express yourself
  • Help identify different emotions and learnings – categorise them, prioritise them, understand them and reinforce them in your life


  • Learn to communicate your experiences, learnings, intentions and ideas in written and visual language
  • Sharpen your professional written English communication skills


  • Break out of your comfort zone ‘
  • Grab the opportunity to put yourself out there and expose yourself

What is not the objective of this process

Learning English grammar & vocabulary

Becoming social media content creators

Writing expert domain-specific content

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If I were given a 9-5 job that required me to go to the same place every day and come home to the same workload day after day, I would feel like I’m losing my senses. I’m the type of person who finds comfort in exploring new experiences. For instance, if you took me on THE BITTERSWEET RELATIONSHIP WITH ME AND DOPAMINE.

Journey of an Engineering Dropout.

Can you imagine deciding not to board your connecting flight? And take a train to your destination instead?  Well, something similar happened to me. I was on the path to becoming a computer engineer, but after a few months, I quit! What exactly happened that forced me to make this decision? Join me as I Journey of an Engineering Dropout.


I feel like I haven’t allowed myself to explore a lot of things since I’ve believed that consistency is key to getting good at something so I never focused on anything else other than the things I like doing such as playing keyboards, playing guitar, practising vocals, and writing. But ever since I have been Change

See it before you do it.

I have always seen myself as a dreamer. As a child, I spent long hours watching movies and reading books, and then eventually imagining my own stories. I played with my Hot Wheels cars all day, and each time, I created a different story and characters for them. It was fascinating for me to be See it before you do it.

Finding “Space” in Life

I am a “relationships” guy. They hold a lot of importance in my life. Having deep connections with people is always something that I have cherished. In pursuit of this, I have had my heart broken so many times, it’s almost tough to remember.  The movies made relationships look so cool. The guy meets the Finding “Space” in Life

Traveling Through Life

Travel Log (2020-2023) December 2020 : Suryagrah +goa January 2021: Goa Feb 2021: Mumbai March end+April 2021: Delhi+Aligarh June 2021: Pench National Park August 2021: Aligarh + Bishangarh+Mumbai September 2021: Karjat+Delhi November 2021+December 2021: Kolkata+Goa+Ahmedabad Jan 2022: Mahabaleshwar+Indore Feb 2022+March 2022+April 2022: Kolkata+Sunderbans April 2022: Delhi+Aligarh May 2022: Mahabaleshwar +Bali+Bangkok August 2022: Bishangarh+Delhi+Kolkata+Mumbai September 2022: Traveling Through Life

Once you become a fellow….

At the Enterprise India Fellowship, we don’t believe in graduations. Graduation usually marks the end of one’s time at university. After that one often has no or little further connection with one’s alma-mater. Instead, we have the ‘Terminus’. Imagine being on a railway terminus – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai or Waterloo station in London Once you become a fellow….

When you are down and out…

Hi there! I’ve been thinking lately about this idea called ‘transformation’. We all know about how the caterpillar transforms and becomes a butterfly. There is simply no resemblance between a caterpillar and a butterfly. That is what transformation is all about. Water transforms into ice, and there is little or no resemblance between water and When you are down and out…

How millennials are turning into visionaries!

Everything that is ever created by a human being is created at least twice. Before anything takes physical form, it must be first created inside the mind of its creator. It must have been seen and imagined to great detail in the form of a ‘vision’ within the neural circuitry of the person who thought How millennials are turning into visionaries!

The Impact of a Mentor – Parent testimonials

The youth of today, are fortunate to have thousands of opportunities in their lives. But, with more options comes more confusion. It takes a wise and positive force, like a mentor, to take the right decisions. Aditya Jhunjhunwala has been that mentor to hundreds of students in Pune for the past six years. He has The Impact of a Mentor – Parent testimonials

5 reasons why I did not join my father in the family business

I was 22, when my father asked me if I wanted to join his business. He had an opportunity to expand his operations, and he said he would do so if I was interested to join up. We are a Marwari business family and my father had started from scratch. He had worked hard, taken 5 reasons why I did not join my father in the family business

Stop Spoon Feeding

Stop spoon feeding!

[dropcaps type=’square’ font_size=’80’ color=’#4a4a4a’ background_color=’#ffffff’ border_color=”]W[/dropcaps]hy do we resist learning? Why do some people learn faster than others? A large part of the answer lies in the learning environment they have access to. Human beings are not wired to learn for the sake of learning. Human beings are wired to solve. That is why they Stop spoon feeding!

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