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Hemang Agrawal

I am another GenZ who believes he has come to make an impact on this world.

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New Chapter

Since my childhood, I was always compared myself to my sibling. From relatives to teachers in the school, everyone asked me to learn discipline and pick up skills from her. Every time I heard those statements or taunts, I started feeling inferior in my own

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Quar(eight)tine Birthday

I was very excited for the first weekend of January as I had planned for this wonderful movie night with all of my friends who I was going to meet after a very long time. The trailer looked very promising and thrilling. However, a couple

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Social Transformation

The past few months have felt like I am emerging from a protective cocoon that I built around myself, without letting anyone else in. I’ve had quite the journey since February, when I first joined Enterprise, and it would be quite appropriate to compare this

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Fit Forward

  The lockdown 2.0 was over, it was finally time for some sports. Lockdown was filled with online video games and tasty delicious food over and over again on a repeat. My athletic part was on a complete break. As much as I hated 0

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A Journey of a Lifetime

21st July, 2021 – the day where I was going to travel to the farmhouse and celebrate my close friend’s birthday. My excitement had reached its peak and even the rains in Mumbai couldn’t ruin my mood. The farmhouse was located in Neral (a place

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My First Capsule Project!

It was the normal exciting and fun Thursday capsule and project update session at Enterprise. All the partners were going to get new capsules to work on for the next coming weeks. The capsules were introduced and my eyes glanced upon the slide which read

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