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Mustafa Mala

Hi, I am Mustafa Mala. I really care about how we can make our learning process smooth and how we can do things with the KARO attitude. I really strive to become a realiable and a doer in life

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The End Is Only The Beginning

It was just a few years ago that I was an introverted child, unsure of my place in the world and lacking in confidence. This was a difficult moment in my life as I never really understood how to deal with certain problems and issues

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Path To Self Discovery

1st Phase  Have you ever told this phrase, “You have changed a lot, ya!” It’s common, right? We are either told this, or we say it to others. I have been told this phrase hundreds of times.  It is said that the environment in which

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Seeing The Change From Within

Have you ever had this feeling of your ears getting blocked due to pressure and you cant hear the other person and even worse you can’t hear yourself? I face this every time I have an intense workout, especially on a Leg Day. If you

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How I Discovered Self Belief

Allow me to start by asking you a question, “ Have you ever wondered, am I making a difference by whatever I  do ?” Well trust me friend you are not alone. Though this has been bothering me for quite some time and it is

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