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Kajal Agarwal

A 20 year old design student who loves weaving words together when she's not busy painting the town blue. Alloying her love for these two, she now works as a freelance social media manager.

Kajal has this ability to dreaming up a fantasy world of creatures, shapes and colours, and then bringing that world into physical reality with paper, materials and textures. From creating the first catapult toy design to doing the entire branding for the #Karo 1.0, we have seen Kajal building teams around to effectively bring her visions to life.

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Kajal Agarwal

Redefining our Passions through Enterprise

The catapult festival was an overwhelming experience for each one of us, not only were we overwhelmed by the response or the flow of the event but we were also surprised by the potentials we displayed and the actions we took. The energy in us

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