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Krishna Lohiya

CA Final student with an Articleship experience in the field of Audit and Indirect Taxes of 3 years.Co-Founder of Tikitaka( One of its kind Football Tournament)

Krishna takes everyday ideas and builds on them to create his own version of future possibilities. He and his partner at Enterprise have done this twice over – first attempting to create a life size physical reality version of a popular online game, and then putting together a one of a kind football league for football fans in the city. They have interacted with 100+ sports influencers in the city and built a unique positioning for their league.

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Krishna Lohiya

Baby steps: crafting the final project

Succeeding the Catapult fest we had started taking orders and we were also working on the product developments. We were overwhelmed with the appreciation and the feedback that we received for our product. There was a lot happening at the back end to fulfil the

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