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Adwait Rayate

My name is Adwait Rayate and I am a finance enthusiast. I love money as an instrument and the power, freedom that it gives. I aspire to be a fund manager and help people by generating the best possible return from their money. My journey started with sitting alongside my Dad and watching him study the markets. This increased my curiosity and led me to study and read more about it. Its been an enriching journey since then.

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Looking back with pride, not regret

I have always been extremely ambitious in whatever I decide to do. Irrespective of whether I achieve something or not, I believe that not failure, but low aim is a crime. I started my 11th with one such audacious goal of getting selected into the

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Broadening my Perspective

I have always been a pragmatic person. I never accept the things that have been told to me without understanding them completely. I for some reason have this innate ability to question the things which have been told to me before internalizing them. More often

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Accept, Adapt and move on.

I have developed a new passion in the past two years for the subject of Finance. This started back in June 2020 and it has now become an integral part of my life. I was fortunate that I discovered this when I was in 10th

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You Never Know Until You Do It

The different sessions at Enterprise always offer a unique and different experience. Every session has some new concepts, learnings associated with it. The best thing about it is that all of these are practical and can be applied immediately after I learn them. I have

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My Pleasant Encounters with Change

Change is the only constant. We all have experienced it in some or the other way. One change which I experienced was joining Enterprise. I have been a part of this community for 4 months now.I have experienced and done a lot of things during

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