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Jagruti Jethwani

A 21-year-old Indian girl who is a performance-driven learner. I care deeply about how the youth can contribute to a better India, and try to consciously make efforts to play my small role in the same.I believe each experience comes to us with a purpose, sometimes much higher than our understanding, and therefore, I am not afraid of challenges.I am gritty and get the job done by putting in the hard work. I can adapt to different situations and enjoy working with and leading teams. I believe smart enterprises working towards a cause and educated children are the future of the nation.

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The image showcases 2 sides of a brain emphasising on how each side had a different approach to the same situation

Which part of your brain are you listening to?

My parents are very religious. When I was in school, my friends would discuss where their parents took them over the weekend every Monday morning. Sunday evening movies, new restaurants, a hill station stop, and more. It felt a little weird for me to chip

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Miles To Go Before I Sleep

Who Am I? How do people see me? How do I see myself? What is my personality?  My mind was filled with these questions. Don’t worry, I was not in the middle of an identity crisis, I assure you. I was working on my childhood

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The Happy Meal

I can’t call myself a foodie but I enjoy eating good food. I am a big fan of the appetizers irrespective of their cuisine. A problem we faced in the lockdown while ordering food from outside was to place the order of appetizers and the

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The Small Bites of Happiness

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things loved singing this song in middle school. Our teacher, Mrs. D’Souza had created a magical world

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In Search of Happiness - Part 2

The Maharaja Thali Of Happiness

hile growing up, my parents strongly believed in making me earn the luxuries they could provide. One of the earliest memories I have is them trying hard to get me into the school. I remember it all depended on my interview, and before I went

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