Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurial Development (M.E.D)

An 18-month part-time program for students currently enrolled in the 2nd year of college, seeking outstanding industry placements.


Program in M.E.D


18 months


Pune, India

Koregaon Park

Important Dates

Application Deadline:
20th November 2023
Course commencement:
10th December 2023


Enrolled in 2nd year of any college

Discover yourself withhands on learning

Diploma Program in Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurship Development (M.E.D).

To be a fast riser in today's competitive world, you must hone some serious entrepreneurial skills! But here's the thing... you can't pick these skills up by only reading books or watching videos. What you do need, however, is to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset. At Let’s Enterprise, we help you acquire and sharpen your business and life skills, through a 3-pronged process of

  • Action
  • Collaboration
  • Mentoring
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Complete any M.E.D Diploma and get Lifetime access to


2 REGEN Networking Events

(1 online+1 offline) with entrepreneurs and CXOs


Paid Business Consulting Projects

and earn Rs. 30k-50k p/m by solving real business challenges


Connect with a Community

of entrepreneurially-minded people


#Karo Incubator

to prototype and put your ideas to action


Becoming a Content Co-creator

With Let’s Enterprise, and build lifelong assets


One-to-one Coaching

for self and career growth, with our mentors


2 Leadership Workshops

one day each, per year

Learn by doing, collaborating, and reflection or self-awareness

Hone your skills to outperform, network with peer and industry, build your body of work, and get placed successfully in a job you’d be excited about..

Business Masterclasses

Learn to apply business concepts and bring your ideas to life, at our weekly online workshop style sessions sessions of 2 hours each.


Hone your writing skills and use it as a tool for self transformation, at our monthly reflective writing workshops.

Design Thinking Challenge

Take the challenge, and work with a local business in Pune your community and help them improve their customer experience and profitability.

Founders Club

Learn by doing! Better still, learn by working on real life 2-3month long projects with decision makers and CEOs CEOs, front-face the client and take responsibility of the outcomes.

Profile Builder

Learn to build your personal brand and body of work, and create a digital footprint through a series of workshops, twice a year. Accelerate your growth with support from our mentors, and chart out your career roadmap.


Get together, celebrate, explore, and connect with the entire M.E.D community, at our 4-days in -person, super-charged fellowship bootcamp style event in Pune.

Sharpen your communication, gain access to recruiters and accelerate your placements

Gain from real-world experience by working on real-life projects, along with a diverse group of peers and mentors. Our hugely hands-on and experiential Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurial Development (M.E.D) program makes it possible for you to learn by doing, collaborating, and change-making.

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Navigate the complexities of financial management by taking charge of real budgets and making crucial financial decisions, for a deep understanding of how businesses thrive in the industry.



Master the art of strategic thinking through hands-on projects, where you'll formulate and implement business plans, gaining insights into what drives success in the competitive market landscape.



Develop a nuanced communication strategy - collaborate with industry experts, hone your skills to craft impactful messages, and deliver presentations that resonate in real-world business scenarios, setting the stage for effective professional interactions.

Kickstart your journey of self-discovery!

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Meet Our Mentors

Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Aditya, a youth coach, TEDx speaker, mechanical engineer and IIMA alumni, found his true calling when he started working with youth in 2014. After closely impacting 100s of college students with his Mentorship he founded Enterprise India Fellowship in 2018.

Yusuf Hakim

Yusuf Hakim

Serving a nationwide community of over 50,000 creative professionals, Yusuf began his entrepreneurial journey by founding - an e-commerce startup aimed to take Pune’s most famous physical hardware/retail market online. He has also led a team of 40 youngsters over three BAJA and Formula Student events at Indore, Noida and South Africa during college.

Ankita Parashar

Ankita Parashar

International branding and marketing professional, communication & design strategist, B.Ed., passionate about and education and empowering youth to take responsibility and create their own lives. Ankita is an avid reader, painter, writer with a keen and able business mind.

Palak Krishnamurthy

Palak Krishnamurthy

Palak was the CFO and Director at Anibrain Digital from inception in 2006 to 2018, as one of the key leaders she played an integral role in the growth of the organisation from a strength of 10-800 within a decade. Since 2018 she has decided to follow her passion and is now the Founder & Director at Let’s Enterprise.

Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Aditya, a youth coach, TEDx speaker, mechanical engineer and IIMA alumni, found his true calling when he started working with youth in 2014. After closely impacting 100s of college students with his Mentorship he founded Enterprise India Fellowship in 2018.

Explore varied industries ,work with decision-makers and find a job that pumps you up

Be a part of our extensive peer and industry network and grab the opportunity to find your accountability partner, support systems and mentors, in your ongoing career journey, all from within a safe space. Connect with top-class leaders and corporates, gain confidence, and prepare to become work-life-ready!