My Journey of Growth and Discovery: embracing opportunities and embracing myself

Five years ago, my father began telling me about an enterprise that had a profound impact on his friend’s son. Intrigued, I listened to how this young man had transformed himself, becoming more focused, productive, and confident. Eager to explore my own potential, I embarked on a journey with the Enterprise India Fellowship (EIF). Little did I know that this decision would shape my life in unimaginable ways.

Unveiling My Inner Introvert: Before joining the fellowship, I was an introvert who struggled with initiating conversations, making new friends, and presenting myself confidently. In my college years, I was lost, unsure of my capabilities, and often found myself juggling multiple tasks without completing any of them effectively. However, in June 2021, amid the pandemic, I took a leap of faith and joined the fellowship with the support of friends who had already experienced its transformative power.

Pushing Beyond My Comfort Zone: From the very first week, the fellowship challenged me to step out of my comfort zone. Waking up for 6 am meetings and engaging in group yoga sessions became the norm. Presentations became an opportunity to hone my communication skills, with guidance on how to effectively convey ideas. It was during this time that I had the privilege of working with the renowned ceramic artist, Ruby Jhunjhunwala, alongside exceptional colleagues Apeksha and Adwait. Over nine months, we collaborated, learned, and mastered the intricacies of the ceramic business. This immersive experience not only strengthened our bond but also taught us the art of cooperation and adaptability.

Overcoming Limitations: Throughout the fellowship, I confronted personal limitations head-on. I discovered that my strengths lay in generating ideas and analyzing data meticulously. However, I also acknowledged my initial shortcomings in effective communication and time management. With sheer determination and the fellowship’s support, I shed my laziness and learned to meet deadlines promptly. No longer afraid of interacting with clients, I realized the value of being aware and in control of my work.

Conflexion: A Journey of Self-Reflection: Three months into the fellowship, I embarked on a challenging task called Conflexion. Writing had never been my forte, and I often avoided it whenever possible. However, this time, I made a firm decision to write a personal blog about my life. The process was mentally exhausting, but with the unwavering support of Akash and Pallak, I completed it in three and a half weeks. Through this experience, I discovered my emotional side and realized how profoundly friendships mattered to me. It was a transformative task that left me feeling proud of my ability to express myself.

Multitasking and Prioritization: As I delved deeper into the fellowship, I found myself juggling multiple projects simultaneously, including my graduation studies, the collaboration with Ruby Jhunjhunwala, and an exciting venture called Super Greens. Initially overwhelmed, I struggled to manage everything efficiently. However, with the guidance of my mentor, Adi, I learned the art of time management and the importance of prioritizing tasks. This invaluable lesson propelled me forward, allowing me to handle my responsibilities more effectively and avoid the pitfalls of inefficiency.

Building Resilience and Teamwork: One of the most formidable challenges I faced was working on a white paper. Collaborating with a diverse team spread across different cities and time zones was no easy feat. Yet, through the combined effort and determination of every team member, we overcame the logistical obstacles and worked harmoniously. This experience not only taught me the power of teamwork but also honed my leadership skills. I discovered that I had the ability to take initiative, motivate others

When I look back to these 2 years of breaking comfort zone, doing projects, taking one step ahead with each component of fellowship that I experienced. I can only conclude that it’s the journey of an introvert turning into an ambivert. These skills are now helping when I have to talk infront of people and say something that might be wrong but still give me the ability to speak up in front of everyone. I have been involved in doing my own projects and the skills of analyzing and arranging data has helped me a lot throughout. Currently I am under training for sales. It’s a 21 day long training that will enable me to go to the market and help me to do sales without fear. I plan to do sales for 6 months for 1 year then decide what field I want to get into and do my post graduation degree in. but in the end I aspire to be an entrepreneur.

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