Unleashing #Karo - Turning Ideas Into Results

The action word “Karo” (or “करो”) in Hindi literally means ‘to DO’ or to take action!

At Let’s Enterprise, we embrace a powerful philosophy, one that goes beyond words and showcases action - The philosophy of #Karo.

In a world inundated with endless possibilities and opportunities, it’s easy to get caught up in the paralysis of overthinking, of endlessly planning without ever taking the first step. But at Let’s Enterprise, we believe that true growth, learning, and success stem from action—the courage to take that leap, to embark on that journey, regardless of the fear of failure or the uncertainty of success.

#Karo embodies the very essence of taking action, of initiating change, and of bringing ideas to life. It is the personification of our student-partners putting their ideas into action - the nucleus of Let’s Enterprise’s spirit, and one of our first flagship real-life projects where students come together to DO!

If you can imagine it #socho, You can D0 it! #karo

If you can imagine it #socho,
You can D0 it! #karo

How did it all start?

The History of #KARO fest.

#Karo was the brainchild of Let’s Enterprise’s 2018 student-partners. They envisioned it as a platform to build, imagine and DO things, then just having them as ideas in their head! #karo is a platform to bring ideas to reality, experiment and play with them.

The 2018 #karo event was led by 18 individuals with no prior knowledge in marketing or event management. United by their goal and fueled by their imagination, our student-partners sprang into action.

The result was


artists, musicians and creators under one roof

A turnout of

1200+ DOers (action seekers!)

Now, #Karo has evolved into one of the flagship real-life entrepreneurial projects at Let’s Enterprise. It is a testament to our commitment to inspire a culture of learning by doing.

#Karo isn’t just about the end result; it’s about the process, the journey—the invaluable lessons learned along the way. We celebrate the courage to take action, the resilience to overcome obstacles, and the perseverance to keep pushing forward, even in the face of adversity. Success is not measured solely by outcomes but by the sheer act of daring to try, to innovate, and to make a difference.

The Idea-to-Action Powerhouse

Attend /
Host Workshops

of DOers

Ideas > Reality
(#socho > #karo)

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A day for everyone just to #DO. A 1-day event filled with A variety of skill-oriented workshops that allow you experience and be introduced to different skills and activities, while you have fun doing these activities.

Does taking #action, and being surrounded by fellow #doers energize you?

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Capturing the spirit of #Karo

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