UG program in M.E.D


3 years

Start earning in 18 months of joining the program


Pune, India

Koregaon Park

Important Dates

Course commencement:
7th August 2023


10+2 years of Education

Any stream

Limitless galaxies, find your North Star

Here are the top 5 ways we can help you do that through the Bachelor’s Program in MED!


Gain from 1:1 Goal-oriented mentoring


Portfolio and life+career roadmap


750+ entrepreneurs & change-makers to network with


Hands-on curriculum aligned with NEP


A tribe of like-minded students

Explore various facets of your education through our smart campus spaces

Let’s Enterprise Space

A space for group discussions, deep working, and brainstorming.

Bohriali Studio

Experience hands-on-learning at this art and maker studio in the heart of Pune

Klug Avalon Design Centre

Hone your software, hardware and 3D design skills at this innovative electronics company

ADIPA Studio

Work on art and design-based projects

Stahl Factory

Ideate and prototype homeware / office products at one of India’s fastest-growing home products company

Discover theentrepreneurin you

UG - Multidisciplinary Entrepreneurial Development (M.E.D)

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with a program that helps you discover yourself, and pick up key life and work skills through learning, experiencing, and challenging.

  • Learn by doing and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Network, and learn to navigate the business world confidently
  • Transcend textbook knowledge and explore your potential
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  • Course commencement 7th August
  • Course commencement 7th August
  • Course commencement 7th August
  • Course commencement 7th August
  • Course commencement 7th August
  • Course commencement 7th August
  • Course commencement 7th August
  • Course commencement 7th August

Scholarships and financing solutions

Get In Touch

Admission Process



Be yourself and fill out form


Personality Assessment

Help us understand you better


Case Study Solving

Come up with answers for real-life situations


Personal Interview

Meet us 1:1 over a Zoom call


Conversation with Parents

Prep to meet us along with your parents/ guardians


Scholarship Application

Fund your M.E.D journey


Learning by doing to
prepare for life.

sweet spot


Reflecting upon your journey, to find your calling.


Getting formal training and certifications in your area of focus.

India’s first working UG degree

UG Program in M.E.D

Get ready for the real world by learning, experiencing, and challenging. Network with our industry partners who also happen to be the best business think-tanks, and get mentored by them 1:1.

learn business skills

Solve challenges

work with the

Best minds

Fastrack your career with India’s first working UG degree that
actually makes you industry-ready!
Other UG Programs UG-MED
Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university
Classroom lectures
Hands-on experience across 5-6 industry sectors
Assured work opportunity
Professional network of 20 - 30 deep industry connections
Post program 6-month support
Your own blog
Personal digital portfolio
Business mentoring

Enterprise-ing stories

Our tribe of fellows and peers changed their game by undertaking a journey of learning, self-discovery, and networking. But, don’t just take our word for it; listen to what they have to say!

Convinced? Want to hear from our alumni?

Connect Now

Yusuf Hakim

Serving a nationwide community of over 50,000 creative professionals, Yusuf began his entrepreneurial journey by founding BohriAli.com - an e-commerce startup aimed to take Pune’s most famous physical hardware/retail market online. He has also led a team of 40 youngsters over three BAJA and Formula Student events at Indore, Noida and South Africa during college.

Palak Krishnamurthy

Palak was the CFO and Director at Anibrain Digital from inception in 2006 to 2018, as one of the key leaders she played an integral role in the growth of the organisation from a strength of 10-800 within a decade. Since 2018 she has decided to follow her passion and is now the Founder & Director at Enterprise.

Ankita Parashar

International branding and marketing professional, communication & design strategist, B.Ed., passionate about and education and empowering youth to take responsibility and create their own lives. Ankita is an avid reader, painter, writer with a keen and able business mind.

Aditya Jhunjhunwala

Aditya, a youth coach, TEDx speaker, mechanical engineer and IIMA alumni, found his true calling when he started working with youth in 2014. After closely impacting 100s of college students with his Mentorship he founded Enterprise India Fellowship in 2018

Nikita Juneja

Student Journey Catalyst

Trupti Shirole

Growth Catalyst

Rohini Mistri

Program Coordinator

Rhythm Joshi

Media and Brand Catalyst

Dariya Budhani

Outreach, Community Catalyst

Anurag Patil

Outreach and Business Catalyst

Tarun Mehta

Graphic Catalyst

Rahul Deokar

Ecosystem Impact Catalyst

Dr. Sajid Alvi

Director, Dnyansagar Institute of Management & Research

Urmila Samson

Unschooling Mother, Home Ed and Ed Change, Listening Circles for innerwork and community

Deepak Khaitan

Founder Director at IB PYP / CBSE Sunshine Worldwide Secondary School, Goa- India

David Gould

Visiting Associate Prof, ‘Life Design’ and ‘Green Room’ courses, University of Low

Rakesh Basant

Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Management

Deeksha Kalyani

Director The Kalyani School

Go where your passion takes you, and find your purpose.

Be a part of our extensive peer and industry network, and grab the opportunity for validation and support, with the UG - M.E.D. Gain exposure across domains with our industry partners, connect with top-class leaders and corporates, and prepare to win the world!

Build your body of work

Choose what you want to do and then show that you can do it!

Whether you’re looking to build your own business or get a job at a fast-growing startup, people everywhere are first going to ask you what you can do.
Build a portfolio to show to them what it is that you can do!


As clients for project


As workshop takers on different topics


To share stories & experiences


As Thinking Partners for project

You are our ideal student partner if you are freshly out of college and…


that just a degree will not help by itself, if you want to love what you do and are prepared to excel at it.

Want to challenge convention and do much more in life

but are unsure of your own capabilities and what it is you can achieve.

Are passionate about business

but don’t know how to cultivate a mindset to create

Have an entrepreneurial mindset

but, are unable to break out of your comfort zone.

Deconstruct your college experience with this tool

To decide on your journey ahead get started with deconstructing your college experience.

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Frequently asked questions

When do we apply for this program?

Applications are open for the program for the first intake round. We will announce selected candidates in 3 rounds
Round 1: 10th June (Last date to apply is 30th May)
Round 2: 10th July (Last date to apply is 30th June)
Round 3: 30th July (Last date to apply is 20th July)

What is the overall admission process?

Step 1 – Application Form
Step 2 – Personality types questionnaire
Step 3 – Case study
Step 4 – Interview (30 mins individual + 30 mins parents)
Step 5 – Scholarship application

What kind of Projects will we be involved in?

You will work on solving business challenges for real businesses with CEOs and founders while getting mentored by the mentors at Let’s Enterprise. Projects on design thinking, user research, talent campaigns, digital marketing, experience design, e-commerce, personal branding, launches, e-books, social merit and sustainability projects and much more.

When does the course begin?

The program begins on August 7, 2023. You need to be in Pune one day before, i.e. on 6th August.

Will we get guaranteed placement?

All students will get guaranteed apprenticeships in their 2nd year and full-time jobs in their 3rd year. After graduation, students can either apply to continue at the organisations they’ve worked with in these 3 years or apply at any of our 30+ industry partnerships. We encourage students to think beyond “placements” and instead work towards “creating opportunities for yourself”.

From year 2, we work with each student in a coaching process to help them find their interest and identify potential organizations and bosses they would like to work with. We will work closely individually with every student to support them in this process. We don’t say guaranteed, we we are 100% confident that each of our students will find the opportunities they aim for.

What degree will I get?

BBA degree from Pune University and UG M.E.D certificate from Let’s Enterprise

Where is the Campus located?

The M.E.D. will be conducted in a smart campus mode in Pune city. We believe that the ‘city is your campus’ and that businesses, organisations and individuals across the city offer a much more varied and deeper learning experience than a single large campus offers.

We believe such a smart campus offers the following benefits over a typical college campus:
Access to specialised knowledge
No option of hanging around in the same space the entire day
Meet new people and have new experiences
Develop the confidence of managing yourself across different environments
Be on the move throughout the day, meeting people and visiting different places

Below are some of our smart-campus spaces tied for the academic year 23-24.
Let’s Enterprise Space
Bohriali Studio
Klug Avalon Design Center
Stahl Factory
ADIPA Studio
Auto Cluster

Which year will I start working on real-life business projects?

In year 2 you will be working on 2 apprenticeship projects and in year 3 you will be working full-time in an organisation of your choice and interest.

What will a typical day look like?

Refer to the above table. During the first year, the student will be required to come to the central Enterprise space daily (6 days a week) from 8am to 11am. During the latter part of the first year, the student may be involved in some on site projects / travel, in which period they will not be visiting the Enteprise space.

During the 2nd and 3 yr, the student will be predominantly involved in apprenticeships and projects. During this period the student will visit the Enteprise space once a week, for a full day. This time will be used for apprenticeship review, personal coaching, and academic learning components.

Who are the industry mentors that will support the students?

Let’s Enterprise has tied up with several leading industry professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds. Each of the mentors will be available to provide mentorship and guidance to students on individual career guidance, project success support, and technical inputs and directions as and when needed.

As of now, we have 31 Industry mentors signed up from the following industries and this list continues to grow.

If a student is seeking specific guidance in an industry beyond this list, we will work with them to find and sign on a suitable mentor.

Dairy and food
urban community and recycling
Art Studio
Health and Medicine
IT industry
Social Engineering
Marketing Communications
Auto and Startup
Financial services, IT
Social impact
Non profit
Hardware Business
Trading & Exports
Advertising. Training
Fashion, Consulting, Writing, Research
Professional Services
Civil Society & Social Enterprise
Social Sector
Home furnishing