Attitude, the key to future readiness

Attitude is what you think, how you feel, and what you do. In today’s world, information is freely available, work can be automated or outsourced, skills can be learnt, and analysis can be computed. But we still don’t have the technology to replace attitude.

Luckily, attitudes can be learnt. But it’s a slow process. They need to be practised until they become a part of our system. Companies don’t have that much time. That is why attitude is at a premium and will stay at a huge premium for a long time to come.

At school and college, we have the time, but we don’t always have the environment and the mentoring to help us build the right attitudes. That is why, most of the time, attitude is our inheritance from our family and some special teachers in our life. It is important to recognise this and be grateful for it.

But, it is also important to create the right attitude. That requires immersing ourselves in the right environment and finding the right mentors. The right attitude is what will propel us towards a future of meaningful work, success and joy.

So, here is our list of 11 ideas for building future-ready attitude.


Ask questions. Dig deep.

Don’t be satisfied with what Google throws up on the first page! Treasures are always hidden deep beneath the surface. Be childlike. Ask at least 5 why’s. That’s the secret to being a good learner.

Fail fast. Learn fast.

Failure is a great thing, if you can make launch quick, inexpensive trials, and learn quickly from thing. Then, failure is the best learning tool. Taking quick action is at the heart of the matter.

Work independently

Do you always need someone to be there, telling you what to do, how to do, and motivating you? Change that. Learn to be self-driven, and self-managed. It’s a smart work ethic to have.

Work together

Alone, we walk fast, but together, we travel far. The ability to work with different people with different styles and opinions is a tremendous advantage to have. But, it’s hard. There’s no place for ego.

Say ‘I don’t know. Please show me.’

Don’t be one of those people who nods their head vigorously, and then feels completely helpless. Swallow your pride and ask someone to show you. That’s the first step of learning.

Connect people

Now we are talking superpowers. More often than not, people are shy. When you can find common grounds between people, and create connections between them, you will be in demand!

Handle disagreement with grace

That’s the thing with working with human beings. They may disagree with you. Even if you are right! Can you handle it? Can you keep working to find a common ground? Then, you are a superstar.

Think for yourself. Have a point of view.

We hear too many people saying ‘whatever’ or ‘I don’t care’. You need to care. You need to have read, researched, asked, and analysed topics that are important to you and the world. It shows you care.

Don’t be afraid of ‘no’

Ooh, this is a biggie. We are too afraid of the big no. Both, saying it, and having it said to us. No is important. Only when we can say no to enough unnecessary things, can we focus on a few necessary things.

Fill in the blanks. Don’t wait to be told.

You will have to learn to see the big picture. Enterprise requires that you act even when 100% information is not available. That requires developing a sense of judgement and measured risk-taking.

Say sorry.

Don’t avoid action in fear of making a mistake. Saying sorry means, ‘I was wrong, and I will bear the consequence.’ Suffer it gladly. That’s the only way you will learn and do it better next time.


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