Networking: the superpower you need to cultivate

Hello, I’m Harsh, an enterprise partner.

I have been with enterprise for almost four months, but the very first partners, the pioneers if you will, have completed their course of 9 months. I can see the difference between them and I as clearly as I can see the utility in the upcoming networking event!

Networking plays a crucial role in developing one’s career as well as having meaningful relationships in life. In the entrepreneurial sense, it is that which converts the efforts put in skill development and experience into opportunities. A networking event is a market, like any other. A place for buyers and sellers to meet. The buyers are those who come with opportunities to give, and the sellers are those who have come to sell their experience and skills and seek opportunities in return.

Each and every partner has put in tremendous amount of effort and developed incredible skills while doing so. They have taken up their own business idea and implemented several business and entrepreneurial theories to try and succeed. Many have succeeded and everyone has succeeded in gaining invaluable experience. They have stories to tell which any entrepreneur in any sector would find interesting. Their stories include interactions with several individuals while working on their project, the struggle that they went through, the skills that they developed and the results. Many times, the results have been negative, but seldom were they negative due to the same reason, because they have learned from their mistakes and haven’t repeated them.

Networking is not a speech, nor a research paper. It’s the difference between acting for a movie where several retakes are possible, even conventional and acting in a play where one has to be perfect for the first time and every time. At the networking event, where successful entrepreneurs in various sectors would be present with high expectations, the partners are going to have to pitch their composition of stories and experiences and ask for an opportunity in the most convincing and efficient manner and they only get 30 seconds to do it! They have taken this herculean task with ease as they are used to taking herculean tasks by now.


It isn’t merely that your fate depends on to what degree you live out your own genuine being, it’s the fate of everyone you are networked with. There are about 7 billion people in the world, and who are you? You are just one little dust node among that 7 billion and so it doesn’t really matter what you do or don’t do but that’s simply not the case! That’s the wrong model. You are the center of your own network. You will know a thousand people throughout your life and they will know a thousand people in theirs. That puts you one person away from a million and 2 persons away from a BILLION.

-Jordan Peterson
(2017, personality lecture- 13)

The partners have tapped into their potential, have striven towards their aims and emerged victorious in most cases. That’s good, not just for them, but the people they connect to. Because a competent node in a network benefits the whole network. So come!  avail your benefit!

The networking event, inspired by the BNI meetings, is going to take place on 27th July 2019, where approximately 150 entrepreneurs and people at the top of their fields are invited to interact with the 18 partners. It’s going to be a highly productive evening with results manifesting themselves in the short run and in the long run as well.


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    Great work bro!

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