A Regular Human in The Space

How does it feel to be abducted by aliens to their strange and peculiar planet called ‘The Space’ where you are held captive. That too not by force but by your own will? It happened to this human who lived a simple life and to his utter amazement, he didn’t want to leave!

Now the human, ‘weirdo’, as everyone used to call him, was just like every regular being on his planet. Lazy to wake up, bored of his routine life and always unsure of what was going to come next. He was tired of the insecurity and monotony of his life.

What did he see that glued him? And what happened to him that it made him stay, happily in an unknown land?

When he entered The Space, he felt a weird sensation on his feet. Almost like a current passing through, but a comfortable one, soaking away all the fears that he was feeling. It was an overwhelming feeling. His eyes were trying to get adapted to all the luminescent radiance around. Just as he began to gain a little control over his senses, he heard someone shout a loud “Heyyyyyy” from across the room.

Getting along with the Aliens 

Suddenly, he found two long arms draped around him, hugging him tightly with a smile. He was surprised. These aliens smiled like us! He was attacked by an alien with the loudest laughter ever. While awkwardly hugging back he wondered to himself that maybe that was the power of that alien, to captivate people with its laughter.

As he was struggling to get past that gentle alien, to his astonishment, he saw some creatures who looked just his age and they were working! He was shocked. He remembered himself spending all his afternoons just laying on the bed.  And would waste his time scrolling through Instagram feeds of strangers while munching on potato chips. His parents had called him lazy because he always had to be told to work. But at The Space, he saw, there was no one to force the aliens to work. And they were working non-stop!

Not just that, they were enjoying their work, while sitting on a weird adjustable bag-like structure with laptops on their laps and calm, melancholic sounds playing in the background. Each of them had a satisfied smile on their face which was just like his, but the sparkle in their eyes was different. It was almost like the glow of an active mind, evolving in the process of learning, was shining through their visage. 

Moving through The Space

As he passed through those high seats which made one feel miles above the ground, he could sense a buzz of activity around him and a crazy drive to discover more, not just about the world but also about themselves.

At The Space, there was no one to boss one around and the only person you were accountable to, was yourself. With every part of this strange land having interesting names and even more interesting customs, it is organized yet fun. This was something which the human had never experienced before. He had never thought that discipline can come from within and along with it can come the excitement to work.

Entering into a sacred zone, The Deep Space, he saw something he couldn’t believe ever existed. In one part there was a group of three really beautiful aliens planning their own venture while joking and laughing. It was like a board meeting in your PJs.

In another corner was someone sipping on their coffee while watching a video. The human had these moments too but always felt a pang of guilt. The guilt for wasting his time, the guilt of hiding things and guilt of not giving everything its best. He was just wasting his own potential just watching videos on YouTube. But this alien seemed to enjoy the leisure time truly, without any pressure. On inquiring with him, he said that he had rewarded himself with a day off for learning a completely new software skill all by himself in just three days. The human had not acquired any new skill recently and was really impressed. Moreover, the alien was watching a video on How to build a new toy, something which was part of his work.



The human felt pathetic over his ignorance and how he had wasted his precious time. These aliens who had the same mind but they thought differently. They had the same eyes but saw differently and had same hands but worked differently. They kept an open heart and embraced every new idea. The aliens grabbed every opportunity with wide open arms as they hugged me. They held on to it even if it meant going out of their comfort zones because they had faith that action will take them somewhere. Their focus was towards their goals with crazy motivation and took a step back when they felt low but started again with a new zeal. They took one step at a time to reach their final objective which was to keep doing!

The human got a chance to become close to these aliens and he learnt of their insecurities and problems. As he got more involved, he came to realize that they too have to tackle all these problems. Just like him they had to gain the trust of their parents, to get approval by society and to fit in every situation. But they had developed this attitude of not staying idle or procrastinating. The best part was how they keep working towards something which might seem trivial but became big with their efforts. 

Enterprise Space Pune

The human greatly enthused by these once strange and weird but now inspiring aliens made The Space his adoptive home. Here he could grow without any pressure and to develop new skills and have a keep-learning/keep-doing attitude.

When he left The Space, he left with memories of his friendly aliens and a single mantra for his life #KARO!

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