How I Discovered Self Belief

Allow me to start by asking you a question, “ Have you ever wondered, am I making a difference by whatever I  do ?” Well trust me friend you are not alone.

Though this has been bothering me for quite some time and it is always triggered by some  course of actions that have taken place, like maybe I contributed someway in my Family  business, so has this action made a difference anyhow ?

So, in this blog I will open up all about how this question is playing such a big role in my life and how it has been guiding me in whatever task and objective I choose to do !

This thought started occurring to me about 2 years ago. A time where I had accomplished certain things in my life and also at the same time I began forming new goals for which I can follow. During this time I suddenly happen to have this thought that is this the right path or will this help me somehow. Due to this I didn’t feel as confident as I should have felt before starting any new activity or task.

In the middle of a normal working day at my Fathers company, I was sitting in a corner of his office just occupied with some work and suddenly my Father approached me by telling me that I should seriously start working on something in the company. For a moment I was blank but later he said that, “Mustafa, you should start working by picking up the bottles and placing them on the conveyor belt.” This was quite shocking to me when he said such a thing and I asked him immediately “Are you serious Dad ? You want me to work with the workers ?”

This was a moment where I felt that, will this small and easy task make any difference to my learning ? But it was super important as I realised later in life, that this small task would give me a very important  lesson on Process  flow management on the shop floor.

Because I would exactly know how much time it takes to place the bottles on the conveyor and where there are any  weak gaps where we can save time.

Allow me to give you a very practical example that just occurred with  me a week before i am writing this blog :- I have been recklessly working on starting my own small business and I have been working with a friend for this very project. It has been almost a year that we have been planning this out and we haven’t made any serious progress. This is one of those situations that I felt to ask myself, “ will this really work or will this business make any difference?”

I know the road ahead is difficult and full of challenges but myself and my friend were able to identify this and we kept progressing ahead with this attitude. This personally was a life changing moment for us, because not only we kept moving ahead but we have spoken to all types of suppliers and successfully taken this business to the next level.

Many people today think daily about making a difference in any way possible, but the problem is that they just stop there and do absolutely nothing about it. It all starts from an intention or thought of doing something good.

So finally let me show you how I navigate through this and regain that confidence back again within me. The first thing I like to do is differentiate when i am faced with this question of making a difference. It goes something like this, “Is this  thought process Logical or emotional ?”. The reason I see this question as a solution is because we should never commit to something emotionally. The decision has to be made rather logically only then the chances of things working out increases. Emotionally could mean a number of emotions such as : anger, overconfidence, comparison, pumped up etc.

The entire idea is that these emotions should not be the motivating factors to whatever you choose to do.

The truth is, every one of us is put in this world to contribute and make a difference to the world in our own unique way. It need not be anything out of the world. It just needs to be something we  do with the intention of doing good. 

I would like to end this blog with this extraordinary thought….!



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