Learning from Entrepreneurs : interview with “Anish Kale”

[dropcaps type=’square’ font_size=’80’ color=’#4a4a4a’ background_color=’#ffffff’ border_color=”]I[/dropcaps] am an aspiring entrepreneur and work in my family business with my father.I joined the Enterprise India Fellowship 2 Years back in January 2020 Jan. I was working on different projects and simultaneously grew interest in reading blogs and creating too. I got a question back then that I could relate to myself completely, how do entrepreneurs achieve so much? How did they do it? We only see the good, the rosy and the successful parts of their journey. But just like me, they must have also struggled and failed to turn their ideas into reality. That’s when I decided to interview entrepreneurs and understand what’s beneath the surface, what’s under the water, what’s the hard work they did that we didn’t see. This enabled my curiosity to connect with them and ask questions and write a blog.

The story starts with someone who also shared the importance of being the right mentee is more important than having the right mentor in the entrepreneurship journey, Anish Kale” is the Barista/ Artist / Entrepreneur who loves Coffee a lot and most importantly to brew it by hand and spreading the knowledge of Indian coffee beans in society. A person with a go guy attitude who always stands for helping people around him.

  1. What is growth for you?

So on my website, I have also mentioned I about me section that I like to work on different kinds of project projects which make me grow as a human being so growth for me is constantly learning new things and implement in my life so it’s not just about learning but the main actions is implemented and this is about overall in life and not just in your career life or personal life. There are things that you learn in your career life and implement in your personal life and vice-versa. So I feel growth is constantly learning from people and things around and taking the action to implement those in your life 

2. What was the question that drive you?

On very important question important that actually like took me on the entrepreneurial journey is that am I going to just do a nine-hour job what do I do apart from that, is my daily life routine be life wake up eat food go to the job do nine-hour shift then come back home tired and sleep or do I want to do something else out of the remaining time so that was one of the questions that were driving question.

Currently driving question is a very important question and a very basic one that is whatever I do why do I do it and there are a lot of reasons why do I do things but it always revolves around personal joy and if it’s if certain things don’t give me joy I will either replace that thing or replace myself with someone else to do that.

3. What is the importance of having a mentor in your life?

I have a really good mentor Aditya Jhunjhunwala he also focuses on this point and I totally agree with that is that being a good mentee is very important than having a good mentor, so that there are people around you who can be your mentors but sometimes it’s just like we are looking for a good mentor who can guide us but it’s actually the attitude that we have that anyone and everyone can be your mentor you just have to have that mindset that I can learn from this person and of course, not everyone is a good mentor but once you have that attitude you find a good mentor so the like getting a good mentorship starts from being a good Mentee and yes I believe that having a not just one but have many mentors. It helps a lot better to guide you in a different path and it’s as different keys for different clocks it’s not always that over only one key can make it very hard to find the master key which can open all the locks so having the attitude of having more mentors will always be helpful in anything like a career at personalized there are a few mentors who I look up to for my career there are some why look up to my personal life or there is some who and not even like very well connected to but whenever I speak to them they like just great inspirations and I learn from them so it’s not like they give me a proper mentorship but I feel I am good meant to learn from them just naturally 

4. What is the most powerful tool for an entrepreneur?

So I can’t really think of a physical or a software tool but a quality that I believe an entrepreneur must have and an entrepreneur is incomplete without its quality of ownership. if there is no ownership there is no entrepreneur even if you think your business failed startups failed you you should be responsible enough to face it and say that it did feel and it failed because of me it’s not like you just blame it on the others and move away.

There have been times in my career life where I’m not done things but I still had that power to show up and I know that just showing up and feeling whatever your team is going through is like is very powerful to have. SoI believe having that ownership is very important and that is the first step of an entrepreneur should have 


[highlight color=” background_color=’#949494′]Anish and I share the same mentor but I would probably say that Anish is a better mentee than me right now. He always showed whenever there is a need and took ownership. I am a bit slow I think sometimes that differentiates me from being a good mentee, this is the reflection I got while talking to Anish. [/highlight]


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