Learning from Entrepreneurs : interview with “Ram Sarode”

[dropcaps type=’square’ font_size=’80’ color=’#4a4a4a’ background_color=’#ffffff’ border_color=”]I[/dropcaps] am an aspiring entrepreneur and work in my family business with my father.I joined the Enterprise India Fellowship 2 Years back in January 2020 Jan. I was working on different projects and simultaneously grew interest in reading blogs and creating too. I got a question back then that I could relate to myself completely, how do entrepreneurs achieve so much? How did they do it? We only see the good, the rosy and the successful parts of their journey. But just like me, they must have also struggled and failed to turn their ideas into reality. That’s when I decided to interview entrepreneurs and understand what’s beneath the surface, what’s under the water, what’s the hard work they did that we didn’t see. This enabled my curiosity to connect with them and ask questions and write a blog.

The story starts with someone who also shared the importance right mindset and attitude while dealing with hard times in the entrepreneurship journey, Ram Sarode” is the owner of a construction company, that works on government Bridge and Road projects. He is a firm believer in the quote,” master in all is master in none”. He is a person of a kind heart who gets joy by helping others. 

  1. Why did you become an Engineer Contractor?

It was more of a situation based choice, start my own business. My family was so poor and I always felt like I wanted to move my family out of this poverty. I know my only source for solving the poverty problem is getting educated and I was so studious back then while pursuing Polytechnique and still I am, but now it’s more of a practical one. I was not that nerd who studies all day. I had a rule for my study time that, study only two hours a day 4 am to 6 am but one more condition that did it every day. This helped me in getting the best marks and also enjoying my free time with friends.

2. What was your routine?

So in the starting phase, I was working day and night. I used to sleep at the construction site only in a shed with labourers as my home was far away from the site. I would say I didn’t have a kind of routine but perseverance to complete projects before time. 

 3. What is the importance of having a mentor in life?

I wish I would have one in my teenage to guide me and show different routes that I can have access to but that was not the case. But as I believe it is not necessary that you should have a mentor who knows your business. I am saying this because my wife is my mentor, even if she doesn’t know fully my business she guides me a lot morally in my life. She gives me insights and learning she thinks could be useful to know to me. Her support in hard times gave me the energy to not give up on failure. “Your partner can also be your mentor”


[highlight color=” background_color=’#949494′]While interviewing Mr Ram Sarode there was something that was running continuously in my mind that, he was so clear about what he wanted to convey. This is something that I am still struggling with. But all the above answers that it gave was so heartwarming for me. One thing that I picked from the interview was how important it is to have a mentor and how it could have changed someone’s life.. [/highlight]

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