Facing My First Failure

“Like a tree that is tested by the strongest winds, it is through our failures that we grow and become stronger. Just as the roots of a tree dig deep into the earth in search of stability during a storm, we must find strength within ourselves to weather the challenges that come our way. It is through these difficult moments that we learn and grow, developing the resilience and determination that will carry us through the rest of our journey.”

In 2022, I faced one of the biggest failures of my life when I failed my Chartered Accountant foundation exam. It was one of the most important exams of my life. I had put in countless hours of studying, and it was a crucial step in achieving my goal of becoming a CA. When I found out that I failed the exam, it was a huge blow to me. It shook me to my core and left me feeling lost and unsure of my future. It was a difficult and disappointing experience, and I felt like all my hard work went to waste.

After receiving the disappointing news of my result, my family took me out to dinner to try and cheer me up. During the meal, I had a conversation with my father which helped me realize that time is not the issue, it’s energy management. My father helped me understand that instead of focusing on managing my time, I should focus on managing my energy to achieve my goals.

So, I made the decision to join Enterprise India Fellowship, where I could learn from experienced professionals and gain valuable hands-on-experience in different fields. 

When I decided to join Enterprise, Everyone, including my friends and family, would ask me how I manage my time and if I didn’t get tired after working on projects. But after spending time working on different hands-on projects while studying and after passing the exam, 

I realized that when you choose the right things, it can actually make you feel more energized. 

It’s not just about managing time, but also about managing energy. By focusing on the projects and activities that align with my goals and interests, I was able to find a renewed sense of motivation and energy.

In addition to my work at Enterprise, I also started writing blogs as a way to express myself and share my thoughts and experiences with others. My first blog was about the importance of taking on responsibilities and the second one was about how we should enjoy certain moments of our life. Writing these blogs helped me further to develop my skills and find a new outlet for my creativity.

When I shared the news of my exam failure with my father, I was expecting a negative reaction, but instead, he helped me understand the importance of putting my efforts and energy into the right things. He taught me that it’s not just about managing time but also managing energy. Joining a community like Enterprise helped me channelize my energy in a better way. Working on different projects and expressing my thoughts and experiences through writing blogs every month, helped me reflect on myself and my journey.

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