Once you become a fellow….

At the Enterprise India Fellowship, we don’t believe in graduations. Graduation usually marks the end of one’s time at university. After that one often has no or little further connection with one’s alma-mater.

Instead, we have the ‘Terminus’.

Imagine being on a railway terminus – Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus in Mumbai or Waterloo station in London are both terminus’.

The terminus is where you can get off one train, and hop on to another train on a different track. There are usually several different tracks that converge into (and consequently also diverge out of) a terminus.

For student ‘partners’ at the Enterprise India Fellowship, the Terminus stands for the following:

  1. Completion of 30 work credits of time spent working on live projects
  2. Documentation of their body of work and digital footprint on Linked In, their personal website, blog and also resume
  3. Preparation of a terminus presentation which and opportunity for them to share their journey with the community
  4. A formal ‘rite of passage’ to celebrate their transition from an Enterprise Partner to an Enterprise ‘Fellow’

What does being an Enterprise Fellow mean?

At the terminus, trains can only leave by reversing their direction. They may choose to leave on any of several tracks that can converge/diverge to/from the terminus. As partners transition to fellows, there are several tracks available to them as a part of their continuing journey:

A passenger at a terminus, staring at wide variety of options in front of her on bulletin boards, trying to decide the path fourth.

Track 1 – Start their own project

Track 2 – Join the team of a startup

Track 3 – Become an EA (Executive Assistant) to the CEO of a growing company

Track 4 – Go on a looong solo trip

Track 5 – A masters from a reputed university

Track 6 – Join their family business

Each fellow must choose their track according to their dreams and inclinations. As Fellows of the Enterprise India Fellowship, they can continue to avail of the following:

  1. Attend refresher sessions on various tools and concepts
  2. Participate in new live client projects on revenue sharing basis in new industries
  3. Participate in the ‘Entre’ process to accelerate their own startup
  4. Reach out for coaching support for a business project or further studies
  5. Facilitate workshops and events with the guidance and support of EP mentors
  6. Participate in networking events and
  7. Stay connected on EP’s discord server

We seek to nurture life long relationships of contributing and growing together with our alumni.

And that’s the beauty of the idea of a terminus, the direction of the train must reverse in order to move out!

With love,

Aditya Jhunjhunwala

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