The Subconscious Power of Desire

I have a reputation for seeing my tasks through and working relentlessly until they are achieved. I recently gave some thought to what makes me go into ‘beast mode’ when I’m working on a project I care about. Here’s what I realized: not all projects are equal! There are some projects I have a desire to complete and there are some projects that don’t excite me. The projects that have the backing of my desire are the ones that I accomplish smoothly even though there might be infinite obstacles.

Six months ago, I convinced my father to fund my Enterprise fellowship. It took a while to get him on board but he finally agreed to pay on one condition:

        “મને આપડા સોનાં ચાંદી ના ધંધા માં કોઇ વધરો થવાનો હોય તો જ જવા દઉ”

   “Show me some results by increasing the revenue of our family gold business”

I have a burning desire to fulfill this condition and prove myself to my family. Recently, I started doing some research to work towards this goal. My objective is to optimize a small amount of inventory to create sales without relying on credit. In order to do this, I first analyzed one year of purchase history to understand the customer’s behavior. Second, I did industry analysis to learn how big players operate in the gold market and how I can apply similar strategies in my small family business.

I have collected data through market research which I have been doing to increase our revenue and customer base. Basically, I have tried to discover trends in what type of customers are coming to our shop , how many designs they want to see it and which one they select.

Here’s a sample data entry for my research: 

Entry time- 6:30 pm

Exit time- 7:30 pm

Segment- frequent
Payment method- credit
Total- 19,500 rs
Questions asked :
How much do I have to pay first?
What was the purpose of the purchase?For her daughter-in-law 

Since I have a personal interest in this project, my desire to work at it was automatically intensified. I worked at it tirelessly without ever feeling like I needed a break. I often caught my mind subconsciously thinking about this project when I was consciously doing other tasks. I believe that the reason for this unlimited motivation is simple yet powerful:

Desire activates the subconscious mind. When mind, body, and soul are in sync working towards a goal, the process is effortless!

Prior to starting this project for my family business, I never realized the subconscious power of desire. I had never experienced working with such a drive. In college, I pursued a BSc. in Geology. Those three years felt like a drag…I was lacking passion and desire! I was often bored or asleep in class and I dreaded waking up to go to lecture every morning. I felt like I was stuck and even though my grades were alright, I was not feeling happy, excited, or fulfilled.

Now when I reflect, I think it is because my subconscious knew that I could do so much more! 

The only part of my college years when I felt truly happy was when I was working for an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company. One time, they gave me a target to promote 100 rs event passes. Early morning the very next day, I was in the field promoting passes. I didn’t know how to do it but I had a burning desire to prove myself in the real world. The burning power of my desire was more than enough to melt away the fear of inexperience. I approached around fifty students and promoted around twenty passes! I felt incredible at the end of that day!

It was my first taste of the power of desire. 

Ever since that incident, I try to only pursue projects that I have a desire to succeed in. I have realized that the secret to success is not just hard work, education, or consistency – it’s much simpler than that! The secret is the desire to succeed; everything else will automatically follow. If you commit yourself to something then your desire will subconsciously drive you and you will see the amazing impact of this power in your life.

These two experiences taught me that desire is a great motivator; it unleashes your subconscious power and gives your infinite energy to reach your goal.

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